Sri Vigneswara Central School
Affiliated to CBSE , School Number : 931215


   Sri Vighneswara Central School is established by Vidyodaya Trust,Thrissur.S.V.Central School is Commenced with kindergarten classes and every year each standard will be increased and will reach +2 level in due course. The school aims at providing quality education to the children.S.V.Central School s situated at Chungam,Kiraloor Road,Velur.


   At.S.V.Central School, we offer a broad range of learning experiences. The purpose of our teaching is:
  • To set high standards and help the children to reach them.
  • To help children to develop lively enquiring minds
  • To enable children to acquire knowledge and skills relevant to adult life.
  • To help children to develop personal moral values.
  • To develop skills which will enable learning to be achieved by independent methods,wherever possible
  • To shape a strong and disciplined character by moral values.
  • To evolve an awareness of their responsibilities and duties towards Society and Nature.


  • A curriculam designed with lessened workload for the children.
  • Child-oriented mode of assessment as prescribed by the CBSE adopted.
  • Project work and assignment methods adopted to encourage better learning.
  • Co-curricular activities made an integral part
  • Participation in PE and Sports is compulsory.
  • Transportation facility is available.
  • Equal opportunity policy adopted.
  • School based education from Pre-Primary level at affordable rates in an environment characterized by mutual love and respect between the teacher and the student.
  • New teaching methods that emphasize child entered activities and encourage infusion of periodic updates of educational technology.
  • The insightful philosophy of our ancient and vibrant culture and our rich heritage.


   S.V.Central School follows the curriculum of the Central Board of Secondary Education(CBSE) in general.


Office: 0488 - 5288989

Phone: +91 9446142352


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Talk with our Customer Service or our student and alumni


Talk with our Customer Service or our student and alumni


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